MP3 Compressor 0.9e

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1997
Description:MP3 Compressor by MP3hC : Release on july 15, 1997. v0.9e. This program is completely FREEWARE... enjoy ! MP3 Compressor, is a STANDALONE 32bit program for compressing audio files with MPEG Layer 3 on Windows 95. 3 times faster than previous DOS program ! This program should work on WinNT but has not been tested on this platform. (My NT partition has been deleted, and I have not installed it again at present) Give me your feedback on using MP3 Compressor on this platform. MPEG Layer 3 is a efficient coding technique that produce a great data reduction on audio data. With a 44100Hz frequency coding, the original sound data from a audio CD is skrink down by a factor 12 without losing sound quality. Factors of 24 and even more still maintain a sound quality that is significantly better than what you get by just reducing the sampling rate and the resolution of your samples. Basically, this is realized by "perceptual coding" techniques adressing the perception of sound waves by the human ear. Avantages to the dos L3ENC.EXE : * freeware * produce compressed wav file that can be read with the Win95 recorder or multimedia viewer. * full 32 bit program about 3 times faster ! * better sound quality because it is based on the lastest MPEG Layer 3 algorithm from Fraunhafer Institut IIS. * priority of the compression progress adjustable in real-time * remaining time and end time displayed on the fly * multi file compression * easy window interface * include a player for the compressed and non compressed wav files
Manufacturer: MP3hC
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

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