MP M-86 for PC 2.0

Category: OS
Year: 1981
Description:This is a somewhat unusual release so pay attention! This 7zipped package contains a number of teledisk disk images and files from floppies for MP/M 86. These can be used to build bootable floppies but I do not have the expertise to do so. I wrote the teledisk image in "Altos MPM86 Teledisk image" to a real 5.25 inch floppy and it booted an IBM PC XT however. Good luck. Dumper's notes: "I used 22disk to transfer the files to DOS when possible. 22Disk renames CP/M .COM files to .CPM. "
Manufacturer: Digital Research
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5815Altos MPM86 Teledisk image.7z139 KB0xE1DB125E
#5816mpm86 2.0 Control Disk 1 files.7z196.9 KB0xACF49DC6
#5817mpm86 2.0 Control Disk 2 files.7z131.8 KB0x12CA5359
#5818MPM86 2.0 OEM Disk Altos files.7z30.3 KB0x8C57046D

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On Wednesday November 25, 2020 Master Goro said:

it dosn't work