MAD: Global Thermonuclear Warfare Full 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 2001
Description:DirectX 7 based 3D video game designed for Windows 95/98. Full version. Strategically defeat the computer (or another web player) with an arsenal of nuclear missiles and satellite stations. Mutually Assured Destruction is inevitable with the Dooms Day Device, but can you acquire it?
Manufacturer: Small Rockets
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#14739MAD - Setup.zip10.4 MB0xB859CD30Fake?

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On Monday November 30, 2015 Marcus Taylor said:

Great job

On Saturday November 22, 2014 Tim S said:

Manual already included with the installation. Check your programs menu. It's under "Small Rockets" -> "MAD - Global Thermonuclear Warfare". You'll see the manual. Not much to it, but it's there.
For the .srk file to work, you have to restart your computer after the MAD installation has completed. Then double-click on the .srk file and it will let you know when the unlock is successful. When you start the game again, you'll see it has been registered as a full version. You'll also be able to progress further and get more weapons.

On Saturday November 22, 2014 marxx2 said:

al tracker: there is nothing to be unlocked here. the game just runs out of the box.

On Saturday November 22, 2014 marxx2 said:

btw: this game runs perfectly in Windows XP SP3. Do you have the manual for it? I couldn't find it on the net.

On Friday November 21, 2014 al tracker said:

How do you run "TTWF-license_admin.srk&q​uot; to unlock game? Appears to be just a text file.

On Thursday November 20, 2014 Tim S said:

One of a kind hard to find game which apparently flew under the radar back in the late 90's. Definitely fun to play with lots of eye candy and cool sound effects that's nearly hypnotic and addictive.

On Thursday November 20, 2014 marxx2 said:

What a great game! This is a must-play! thanks for uploading it!