Logo 1.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

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#3850[DOS Application] IBM - Logo 1.0 - Distribution Disks.zip8.9 KB0x6C517D14

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On Thursday October 22, 2009  said:

This is not distribution disk as it claims to be. It is to patch LOGO.COM (version year 1983) to be able to run on 386.
Taken from readme.txt included in the archive:
LOGOPAT changes IBM LOGO so that it can run on
EGA, VGA and MCGA cards. It also removes a bug
which only showd up on 386 machines.
Just runb it will create LOGOVGA.COM,
and this file will run on VGA cards and 286 machines.
The description of the patch came from Compuserve,
it is enclosed in the file ibmlogo.pat.
Another bug still plagues people using IBM LOGO.
In many cases it is not possible to do a printscreen.
This seems to be a bug with VGA clone cards.
On many of these cards it is not possible to do a printscreen when
the card is in CGA graphics mode.

On Wednesday August 8, 2007 epopy (guest) said:

patches the program Logo from IBM to use it with a VGA and 286 computer