Lemmings Version 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Psygnosis
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5592Lemmings.zip877.3 KB0x424EA638Fake?

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On Wednesday March 7, 2018 Christopher Salem said:

I concur with pitchforkalmondman.
(1) The image file has no extention; I had to rename the file, giving it an .img extension so the IMGMOUNT command would recognize the file as a disk image. I should also mention there is a diskio.dll file in the .zip package (I don't know what to do with this .dll file)
(2) I mounted the image to drive A:, and ran the installation program to destination C:\Lemmings
(3) I ran the installed program from C:\Lemmings, and I get the same message as pitchforkalmondman, that it can't find the files and it wants the disk in drive A: or B:.
(4) This version might work if the copyprotection is written to an actual floppy disk, but as it stands, I would not recommend this download.
(5) I did make note of what appeared to be corrupt directories. IMGMOUNT A: Lemmings.img (after renaming the file) -T Floppy mounts the image to drive A:, emulating a floppy. When I DIR the directory to find the installation file, I found five identically garbled directories: █m╢█m╢█m.╢█m
(6) I do not know if those are intentional or corrupt, but as DOSBox 0.74 doesn't allow pasting from the clipboard, and all five directories have the same garbled name (thus no way to tell the computer which specific directory I'm referring to), thus this download is useless to most if not all people.
(7) If someone does manage to get this working correctly, please leave a comment about how you resolved this issue.

On Saturday October 24, 2015 pitchforkalmondman said:

I think this might be an image of a copy protected floppy. When I write it back to disk, my DOS machines can't read it properly, and if I mount the image and copy the files over to a formatted floppy, it looks for the original disk in my A: drive whenever I try to run the program, which of course I don't have, so it doesn't work. I'd recommend downloading one of the other uploads of Lemmings.