Category: Games
Year: ????
Description:(No.It has another Chinese name,which is hard to translate.) A used-to-be popular RPG in China.Pretty graphics(of that time) and complex character development system. And it can even run on a 286!
Manufacturer: (Unknown)
Localization: CN

Files to download

#16208LEGEND.7Z7 MB0xF360F470

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On Wednesday December 2, 2015 ThePathfinder said:

This is the original DOS version.Ports exist for PC,Windows CE and Android.
If you got stuck search "金墉群侠传" in BBS for hints and cheats.
Also you have to look up some old version dictionary if you want to input your name-or anything Chinese there.No Pinyin or Wubi IM provided.
(I'm a Chinese,by the way.)