LAN Manager 2.2c

Category: Communication
Year: 1998
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4092[DOS Application] Microsoft - LAN Manager 2.2c - Installation Disks.zip2.8 MB0x71CA8F0A

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On Tuesday July 7, 2015 mavilla said:

It is MS Client. The server for OS/2 is available in this same site, 2.0.

On Tuesday September 13, 2011 Lagrange said:

@knsridhar: you have a daily download limit! try again tomorrow.

On Tuesday September 13, 2011 knsridhar said:

i am unable to download any softwares for quit some time , red screen pop up telling that we can not down load any softwares pl.tell me how to

On Friday January 15, 2010 Peter Hicks said:

These are just the client software disks

On Tuesday December 29, 2009 Anymouse said:

I found the file list. It is setup.inf and lists the files on each diskette.

On Saturday December 26, 2009 Anymouse said:

The download does not specify how it is to be divided between diskettes. I only need a list of files on each diskette and then I could make the set of disks.