Keyboard Drivers

Category: OS
Year: ????
Description:very small keyboard drivers, not more than about 500 bytes: mkeyb BE - belgium mkeyb GR - german mkeyb GRC - german with COMBI's mkeyb SP - spanish (with COMBI's) (codepage 850) mkeyb NL - dutch mkeyb UK - united kingdom mkeyb BR - Brazil (portugese) mkeyb BX - Brazil (portuges) extended mkeyb RU - russian - to be used with codepage 866 mkeyb PL - polish mkeyb HE - hebrew mkeyb FR - french (by snoopy81) mkeyb NO - norwegian mkeyb LA - latin america mkeyb IT - italy mkeyb DK - daenish mkeyb PO - portugese mkeyb SU - finnish mkeyb SV - swedish mkeyb SF - swiss french mkeyb SG - swiss german mkeyb SL - slovenian
Manufacturer: n/a
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15654keyb.zip66.4 KB0x618559A2

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