Kermit 3.14

Category: Communication
Year: 1995
Description:Kermit — Outstanding text and text-graphics terminal. Kermit is a high-end, text and text-graphics terminal program that can run by itself, or embedded within some other program. It can run over a variety of networks, including the Internet when coupled with Telnet. Standalone operation requires 8088+, DOS 2.0+, 160K-500K memory (depending on options selected), and a serial port or modem or network adapter. Runs under Windows 3.x, in a window or full-screen, and can execute in the background (for use under Win32, get Kermit95). Source code is available.Online screenshots. Some other features, from the docs: Text-mode user interface Serial connections up to at least 57,600 bps RTS/CTS hardware flow control is available Support for buffered UARTs, Hayes ESP, and Fossil drivers Automatic dialing scripts for Hayes, Telebit, US Robotics, Practical Peripherals, and many other modems Network connections through many Ethernet adapters, BIOS Int 14, Hayes ESP serial communications board in 16550A mode, Fossil drivers Terminal emulations: ANSI, DEC VT320/VT220/VT102/VT100/VT52, Data General DASHER D463/D470/D217, Wyse-50, Heath/Zenith-19, Tektronix 4014, Sixel graphics Terminal emulation features include screen rollback, capture, copy, and print; 132-column mode; horizontal scrolling; key mapping and macros; comprehensive character-set support; a compose key for entering accented letters; color text and graphics; much more. Kermit File Transfer Protocol: Long packets, sliding windows, dynamic packet length, locking shifts, control-character "unprefixing," character-set conversion for Western and Eastern European languages, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Japanese, and recovery for interrupted binary-mode transfers Autodownload / autoupload, command macros, command files, script programming language with variables, functions, loops & more Workarounds for buggy UART simulators on Pentium motherboards Control over timeslicing method in Windows, DesqView, OS/2, NT Selectable fore- and background colors for underline simulation Debugging display of TELNET options negotiation Authors: Daphne Tzoar, Jeff Damens, Joe R. Doupnik, James Harvey, et al.
Localization: EN

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