Kaypro 16 System Disks

Category: OS
Year: 1985
Description:These are the system disks provided for the Kaypro 16 computer. This includes a Master disk set for floppy-only operation, and an autoload set that installs to a hard drive. These sets include MS-DOS 2.11 (Kaypro 16 OEM), GW-BASIC, Mite, CalcStar, InfoStar, StarBurst, WordStar, and MailMerge. This includes 9 Autoload and 7 master disks in 360k raw and ImageDisk formats.
Manufacturer: Kaypro
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14033Kaypro16SystemDisks.7z7.5 MB0xB8A43F4E

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