KV3000 KV3000

Category: Utility
Year: 2000
Description:Famous anti-virus software for DOS in China. It's 3.5" HD floppy disk version come with disk copy-protection, the disk image made by FDC ( a powerful floppy disk copy tools for DOS & Win9X ) from original disk, please use FDC included write back to disk and boot to run it.
Manufacturer: Jiangmin
Localization: CN

Files to download

#20326KV3000_KeyDisk_Image_with_FDC.zip1 MB0x2693EB30Fake?

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On Wednesday November 14, 2018 AiGeek said:

For Your Attention: KV3000 live from 2000 to 2002 and the original disk include Windows 98 DOS system. If you boot the copyed key disk on fast PC such as Pentium II, the KV3000 may fail to read key track.