KEA! 420 5.00b

Category: Communication
Year: 1997
Description:KEA is a VT420 terminal emulator with advanced features for mainframe users.
Manufacturer: Attachmate
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#11951Kea420 V5.00b.zip7.3 MB0x485E673A

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On Wednesday October 26, 2016 Hape said:

After nearly 20 years, I started up "Micronetics Mumps for NT Ver 4.4.1 (old ANSI language) " on an old XP virtual machine. VirtualBox on an iMac!.
This implementation of Mumps (M) was designed to work with serial or telnet DEC VT220 terminals.
This (NT) version of Kea! 420 installed in a a few microseconds on Win XP (compare that to the 80486DX we 'used' to have ;-) !) and carried me back 20 years in time. Works like it always did, supporting G0/G1 switching ('our' editor uses it to draw lines) and giving me the opportunity to relive 'good old times'.
A big 'thank you', for bringing back this abandoned piece of history.