John Dourish 1.22

Category: Office
Year: 1992
Description:CRICKET MASTER PLUS is a specialised database aimed at players, scorers and general enthusiasts of league and first class cricket. It can store data for up to 400 players. The batting, bowling and fielding statistics are entered directly from the score-book, CRICKET MASTER PLUS then produces a list of players, sorted in order of either batting or bowling average. In addition, the complete record for any individual player may be displayed
Manufacturer: n/a
Localization: EN

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On Tuesday May 5, 2020 John Dourish said:

Due to a bug in a 3rd party library, the program will not run on a modern computer when ran in a VM. It does, however, run ok in DOSBox. It should run fine on any old 2/3/4/86 or Pentium computer.