Joe's Own Editor 2.2

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:This is Joe's Own Editor for Dos, which is a Wordstar clone generally used on Unix/Linux installations. This is the first version of Joe that supported Dos. Some features of this editor are a clock, a simple calculator, the ability to edit more than one file at a time, and the ability to use a couple of other editor cntl key bindings (namely Wrdstar and Emacs). To use the cntl key bindings of other editors you need to rename joe.exe to either jmacs.exe or jstar.exe. Jpico and rjoe modes are not supported in this version of Joe. Note in Jstar mode cntl-K-H does not do it's Wordstar equivalent function. Instead it still pops up the help menu. All functions of this editor work except for the two for running outside processes inside of the editor. It is possible to shell out to Dos however. Even though this editor is a clone of Wordstar, it does not support Wordstar's function key bindings or it's text file format. It only supports ascii files. No UTF-8 support.
Manufacturer: Joeseph H. Allen
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Sunday September 21, 2014 euhill2 said:

I forgot to mention that the C source code is included.