Jazz Jackrabbit Jazz Jackrabbit 1, not sure of version

Category: Games
Year: 1994
Description:This is Jazz Jackrabbit 1, works very well, i also have Jazz 2 and Jazz 3
Manufacturer: Epic MegaGames
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5006Jazz Jackrabbit (1994)(Epic Megagames Inc).zip7.8 MB0xC5297E64

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On Friday September 17, 2021 GDI95 said:

This is version 1.2B (the B stands for "bad", dubbed as such by fans because certain levels are uncompletable, as opposed to 1.2G, or "good", that is still problematic but overall better). However, this is a unique 1.2B in the sense that its intro cinematic is different from what you'll find on most 1.2Bs on the internet. A neat and rare find.

On Thursday April 29, 2010  said:

A couple of comments if I may. First I have Jazz 2 with secret files if you want it. Jazz 3? Never saw it wondering if it's the "secret files" version.
Second is I tried to download a game which failed (Prolly site issue) then tried to d/l Jazz 1 and dialouge box said my d/l limit reached. Didn't d/l even a mb.
Finally I can offer well written reviews of many games and apps. I write for epinions.com I have nothing but time as I am fighting terminal cancer and writing is therapy for me. Awesome site a 5 star in my book

On Saturday March 13, 2010 umisguy said:

I love this, and I've played 2 before, I'd be happy if you posted 2 and 3 here sometime soon :)