Jazz Jackrabbit CD 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1996
Description:A popular fast-paced side-scrolling shooter back in the 1990s.Full version.
Manufacturer: Epic MegaGames
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12108JAZZ.part01.rar1024 KB0x4AB71432
#12109JAZZ.part02.rar1024 KB0xBCE25D4B
#12110JAZZ.part03.rar1024 KB0xD6CA32B4
#12111JAZZ.part04.rar1024 KB0x570FB21E
#12112JAZZ.part05.rar1024 KB0x6D295D1
#12113JAZZ.part06.rar1024 KB0x3510EE84
#12114JAZZ.part07.rar1024 KB0x141BF750
#12115JAZZ.part08.rar193.2 KB0x875577BA

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On Sunday January 20, 2019 Lee Adama said:

Who the hell thought splitting this up into 8 different tiny files was a good idea?
You do know we have a limited number of daily downloads on this site right ?
After downloading this ONE game I only have 2 downloads left today and I am on platinum level!
For many people this would take several days to download them all.
When you could have put it up as a single .rar or .zip file and saved 7 download slots.
Thanks alot buddy.