Jazz Jackrabbit CD 1.0 (single .ZIP download) 1.0

Category: Games
Year: ????
Description:נננ JAZZ JACKRABBIT from EPIC MEGAGAMES נננ A GROUND-BREAKING game with ULTRA-SMOOTH, FAST VGA graphics, ROCKING Digital Audio with Surround Sound, and WHITE-HOT action. YOU MUST SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Look out Sonic. Jazz Jackrabbit is coming towards you at light speed, and this little bunny carries a big gun! Lead the animated Jazz across the galaxy to save kidnapped bunny princess Eva Earlong.
Manufacturer: Epic MegaGames
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21034Jazz.zip1.3 MB0x876D132B

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On Friday September 17, 2021 GDI95 said:

The title is misleading. It implies this is the full game with all 9 episodes while in reality this shareware of version 1.0, the earliest version of the game, that only had 6 episodes in the non-shareware version.

On Saturday June 1, 2019 Fred said:

Just download, unzip the folder wherever you want, and run jazz.exe