Category: Utility
Year: 1990
Description:JIB+JAB . A collection of utilities for the pc .go to the JJ file to view .PLENTY TO USE .
Manufacturer: Colin J Smith
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Monday May 11, 2015 DOS_User711 said:

Jib and Jab is a collection of utilities, which have been written in assembly and 'C' for the PC computer. Package comprises of the executables (.EXE or .COM), the source code (.ASM or .C), example batch scripts (.BAT), and the documentation (.DOC). (C) Colin J Smith. Version 2.1. Release: 2/4/1990

On Monday May 11, 2015 DOS_User711 said:

(Fake?). CSTAT, Cursor, Fade, Getmode, Getvect, JJ, KBD, LKSTAT, MM, PASSWD, PCI, PSTAT, SETMODE, VM, ZAP(S), ZZAP