JASC Paint Shop Pro 4.12 4.12.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1996
Description:JASC Paint Shop Pro 4.12 December 21, 1996 Win95/NT4 Paintshop Pro 4.12 is a 32bit program, however the installer is a 16bit. FULL retail version, no key is required. Seems to work OK even in Win10, x64 (see included screenshot). If your system cannot run the 16bit installer, Just drag the files from the \EXEC directory to a place on your local hard drive and click on PSP.EXE to use. AppleSeed 2021
Manufacturer: JASC
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#22626Paint Shop Pro 4.12.rar5.8 MB0x6D0280EE

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