IOS Source Code 11.2-8

Category: OS
Year: 1997
Description:This is the leaked IOS source code. This version covers m68000 & MIPS R4000 based devices such as: c1000,c1005,c4000,c3620,c3640,c7200,c7100,ls1010,rsp,as5200,ls2020,ls2080,ags,alc. This source will not build cleanly as it lacks a SNMP generation tool. All builds were done on Solaris, using cygnus SPARC-m68k, SPARC-MIPS and SPARC-PowerPC cross compilers (gcc).
Manufacturer: Cisco
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17367IOS-11.2-8-src.tar.7z30.4 MB0xCCC2792F

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