IBM Writing Assistant 2.00

Category: Office
Year: 1986
Description:From the original 720k install disks. .RAR file with two .IMA disk images. Unzip and extract to floppy.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7422IBMWritingAssistant2.rar413.8 KB0xAF5F896

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On Sunday January 14, 2024 C. Trbvn said:

Not fake. Try this:
· Create a "C:\ASSIST2" directory.
· COPY all the files of the first "diskette" (*.*) to the "C:\ASSIST2" directory. Repeat with the second "diskette".
· Create a 0-size (preferibly) "WRITE.SYS" file in "C:\" and "attrib" it with +SHR (important). Go to "C:\ASSIST2" and run "G.BAT" or "WA.BAT" and there you go.

On Tuesday January 7, 2014 mark48 said:

This is not "fake", but it is copy protected and needs an unprotect and/or a redump using Teledisk/ImageDisk/CopyIIPC. The program will refuse to run without the copy protected disks in the drive.

On Sunday June 27, 2010  said:

Looks like a fake.
Th application does't start.
Maybe protected?