IBM Word Proof 1.00

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:IBM Word Proof is a stand-alone spell checker for the IBM PC with a list of over 125,000 standard English words. It can also find synonyms and anagrams, and features a built-in full screen editor. You may add your own specialized words to its list. Word Proof 1.00 is designed for use with word processors such as EasyWriter, PeachText, IBM Personal Editor, and IBM Professional Editor. Compared to other spell checkers of the time, Word Proof was considered fast and very easy to use. It was supposedly based on the spell checker for IBM's DisplayWriter product. Minimum Requirements: 96K RAM One single sided (160K) floppy drive DOS 1.00 or higher. This archive contains two 160K disk images in raw and ImageDisk format. Note: These disks are formatted for DOS 1.x and Winimage will not open them. Note: DOSBox and QEMU seem to have problems running Word Proof.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15999IBM Word Proof 1.00 (5.25).7z739.5 KB0xED3519FB
#16000IBM Word Proof 1.00 Manual.7z30.9 MB0x8209676E

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