IBM Typing Tutor 1.00 (Diskette Version)

Category: Other
Year: 1981
Description:IBM Typing Tutor is an educational program sold by IBM alongside their original IBM PC. The software itself was licensed from Microsoft, and is notable as being one of only two known commercial programs that were sold for the IBM PC on cassette tape. (The other being IBM PC Diagnostics) This is the floppy disk version. It requires IBM Disk Basic or compatible. The version of IBM Disk Basic included on this copy is only for use with genuine IBM PC computers, not clones. Archive includes one 5.25" 160KB floppy disk image. Note: some file names on this disk contains spaces, and null file dates.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#18253IBM Typing Tutor (Diskette Version) Manual.7z7.2 MB0x847E18F0
#18254IBM Typing Tutor 1.00 (Diskette Version) (5.25-160kb).7z278.7 KB0x419C83D9

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