IBM Personal Editor 1.0

Category: Office
Year: 1982
Description:IBM Personal Editor 1.0, released in 1982, is an early text editor for the IBM PC.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

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On Sunday January 4, 2015 ouhker said:

suggestion on internet
Several people have already mentioned to me that having to remember to
say "notabs" very time a file is saved is a pain.
I agree (although I can't help pointing out that most of the problem would be gone
if Epson had handled runs of tab characters properly).
What follows is a patch that may be applied to pe.exe to permanently disable compressing
runs of blanks to tabs. The syntax of the File and Save commands is not changed;
but effectively "nottabs" wi11 always be enabled when writing files.
The notabs option of the Edit command remains unchanged.
1. On a work disk, rename 'pe.exe' to 'xx'.
2. Enter 'debug xx',
3. Enter 'u70f2'. DEBUG should reply as follows :
MOV W,[BP-12],0009
MOV W,[BP-12],3FFF
MOV [F05C]
If the output you get is different, do not continue.
4. Enter 'u70f5'. When DEBUG replies '09.', type 'ff '
Don't forget the space after ff. DEBUG will output '00'.
Type '3f' and enter.
5. Enter 'u 70f2'. DEBUG should reply:
MOV W,[BP-12],3FFF
t1DV DX,
If the output you get is different, do not continue.
b. Enter 'w'.
7. Enter 'q' to exit DEBUG.
8. Rename xx to pe.exe'.