IBM PC DOS 7 7/2000

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Description:IBM PC DOS CD boot CD image complete with the DOS Year 2000 Fixpack which makes it PC DOS 2000. Unique features include REXX programming language, RAMBOOST to optimize memory, E editor with pull down menus, edit and view multiple files. All you need is this CD and boot from it all the utilities to install are included.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6506dos7.part1.rar4.8 MB0x61652C06
#6507dos7.part2.rar4.8 MB0x9CF7A634Fake?
#6508dos7.part3.rar4.8 MB0xAE9E269Fake?
#6509dos7.part4.rar2.3 MB0x56888275

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On Wednesday September 15, 2021 joao said:

Working as expected.

On Sunday December 23, 2018 Toni said:

works very well....BEWARE: it took me some time to figure out that after booting one should change to d: and there one finds setup.exe

On Saturday October 14, 2017 Lee Adama said:

It's PC DOS 7.0 along with the y2k update. It's not exactly 2000 but it's pretty much the same.

On Monday October 31, 2016 CJECulver said:

There is a lot of confusion over PC-DOS 7/7.1/2000.
PC-DOS 7.0 was released in April '95. Subsequently, IBM released slipstream updates to fix the Y2K issue. Then in 1998 IBM released PC-DOS 2000, a relatively minor update to 7.0, which incorporated those fixes. 7.0 reports itself to applications as "IBM PC DOS 7.00, revision 0, while 2k reports itself as "revision 1". Sometimes 2k is mistakenly referred to as PC-DOS 7.01, not to be confused with 7.1.
PC-DOS 7.1 added LBA and FAT32 support. It was never released commercially. It was mostly limited to changes to the kernel files, IBMBIO, IBMDOS and COMMAND.COM, along with the addition of FDISK32 and FORMAT32.
This download is *NOT* PC-DOS 7.1.

On Tuesday May 20, 2014 mrzesty said:

Installed the ISO in VirtualBox which allowed me to read some old Stacker 4 floppies. That's what I needed!

On Tuesday January 14, 2014 CJECulver said:

No problem unarchiving. Installation works great.

On Friday August 2, 2013 fthoma said:

part 2, part 3, part 4 do not unzip.

On Friday January 18, 2013  said:

Works great, thanks.

On Thursday January 12, 2012 Mac Roe said:

dos7.part1 - unzips correctly
dos7.part2 - doesn't unzip > error
dos7.part3 - doesn't unzip > error
dos7.part4 - doesn't unzip > error
Files >

On Tuesday October 26, 2010 Jagular~ said:

Tested... Working... Bootable CD-image with 7.0 and patch to make it PC-DOS 7.1 (aka 2000)!
BTW, the only difference in patched (with 2KY fix) 7.0 and 7.1 (aka 2000) is version report byte 0x23F in IBMDOS.COM file... So 7.0 still reports itself as 7 rev 0, not 7 rev 1...

On Saturday March 27, 2010  said:

It is not PC DOS 2000. It is only PC DOS 7 from 1994 with y2K fixpack from 1998 a.k.a. PC DOS 7.1.

On Sunday January 10, 2010  said:

Four download running.