IBM PC DOS 4.00 (08-03-1988) 4.00

Category: OS
Year: 1988
Description:This is IBM PC DOS 4.00 (08-03-1988). It includes 3.5" 720KB 2 disks (Disk Image) from original disks.
Manufacturer: IBM / Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12786IBM DOS 4.00 (08-03-1988).zip631.2 KB0xBEDA019A

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On Sunday May 4, 2014 nashua said:

The original IBM PC DOS 4.00 without the 4.01 update is posted here:​IBM_PC_DOS_4.00__06-17-1988__4​.00/?id=9804

On Wednesday July 10, 2013  said:

Technically this is IBM PC-DOS 4.01. It would have said so on the disk label. The original 4.00 would have files file dates of 06-17-1988 on all the files.
Confusingly, 4.01 identifies itself as 4.00 when you type "VER", and IBM shipped it with boxes and manuals that said 4.00. It even had the same IBM part number. So the only way to tell the difference is to 1: look at the physical disk labels, 2: look at the file dates/file sizes.
All of the other "PC DOS 4.00" archives out there that I have come across are actually 4.01 (08-03-1988)
So anyone got IBM PC-DOS 4.00 (06-17-1988)?