IBM PC DOS 4.00 (06-17-1988) 4.00

Category: OS
Year: 1988
Description:This is the original release of PC-DOS 4.00. Bugs and all! It includes two 720k disk images in raw/winimage format. IBM DOS 4.00 was IBM's first in-house development effort with DOS. Most current downloads out there claiming to be 4.00, are actually 4.01. Do not confuse 4.01 with this version. IBM shipped 4.01 without changing the "4.00" version IDs, either in the kernel, the command processor, within the documentation, or even the exterior packaging. As a result, there are only two ways to tell the difference between 4.00 and 4.01: 1: IBM's floppy disk label will read "Version 4.00" or "Version 4.01" 2: 4.01 will have some files dated 08-03-1988.
Manufacturer: IBM / Microsoft
Localization: EN

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On Sunday September 8, 2013  said:

Here are the bugs that exist in this version that are fixed in 4.01 with CSD UR22624:
------- ------- -------- --------- ------------------------------​--------
UR22624 IR79395 ABEND XMA2EMS PS/2 mod 50Z cannot use DOS 4.00 EMS
UR22624 IR79403 INCORROUT APPEND APPEND /PATH:OFF not working properly
UR22624 IR79404 WAIT IBMBIO INT 2FH for INT 67H causes hang
UR22624 IR79405 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL HELP index entries not alphabetic
UR22624 IR79406 INCORROUT MODE MODE overwrites user's application
UR22624 IR79407 INCORROUT SELECT Using CTRL/BREAK with SHELL can hang
UR22624 IR79408 INCORROUT MODE MODE allows 19200 rate on PS/2 mod 25,30
UR22624 IR79409 MSGPANEL SHELLC SHIFT+F9= overlays F10=
UR22624 IR79410 INCORROUT SHELLC Pull down menu in files gives wrong help
UR22624 IR79413 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL place hdwr cursor with selection
UR22624 IR79415 INCORROUT IBMDOS problem copying large files across NET
UR22624 IR79416 MSG PRINT First time PRINT non-exist file msg
UR22624 IR79417 INCORROUT SHELLC SHELL does not give error for / or \
UR22624 IR79423 MSG SELECT Listing of printers should be reordered
UR22624 IR79425 ABEND XMA2EMS Hangs with Token Ring NET CARD in slot 0
UR22624 IR79426 ABEND SHELLC SHELL will not run after run Comp. BASIC
UR22624 IR79427 MSG MODE MODE not handling trans. correctly
UR22624 IR79428 MSG SHELLC SHELL not handling trans. correctly
UR22624 IR79429 MSG SELECT SELECT correct defaults for keyboards
UR22624 IR79430 ABEND SELECT SELECT/SHELL translated too big for 256K
UR22624 IR79459 * INCORROUT SHELL PS/2 mod 30 with 8512 error color change
UR22624 IR79460 UNPRED XMA2EMS Unpredictable results using DMA to EMS