Hyperpad 2.037

Category: Communication
Year: 1995
Description:Similar in concept to the Macintosh's HyperCard, HyperPAD is a professional productivity tool that allows you to organize and link information together in almost any imaginable manner. You create screens of information, called pages, and link them together to form a pad. Buttons that you add to various pages in the pad can link them together or be used to launch other programs. ==> HyperPAD v. 2.3 + HyperPAD Developer's Kit
Manufacturer: IQ Technologies, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11830Hyperpad.zip1.9 MB0xCDD39169Fake?

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On Monday June 22, 2020 640k said:

The program is a DOS program, but has a 16-bit Windows 3.1 self extractor.
The program also reports itself as a "preview" version.

On Tuesday February 18, 2020 Robert Velasquez said:

If you try to install this version of HyperPad in DOS 6.22, DOS says "This program requires Microsoft Windows". Could someone change the OS from DOS to Windows 9X, please? That way no one else would try to put this program in DOS and see that it does not work. Thanks in advance.