HotJava 1.0

Category: Communication
Year: ????
Description:From the readme: HotJava is a full-featured, lightweight Web browser with a highly customizable user interface. It is built on the HotJava code base, which provides a secure, platform-independent, scalable, and customizable base for building Web-aware applications and suites that are 100% Pure Java. HotJava can download and execute applets from behind corporate firewalls. You can extend the browser's capability dynamically--without increasing its base memory footprint--by installing new content and protocol handlers for it to use with new media types or protocols. Developers can also embed browser functionality into an existing application with the HotJava HTML Component, a JavaBeans component that parses and renders HTML. The HotJava 1.1.2 release includes the Java Runtime Environment for the Java Development Kit (JDK), version 1.1.4. Minimum requirements: Windows 95/NT
Manufacturer: Sun
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#66361.0.zip6.2 MB0x3FE1FE5

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