Hocus Pocus - Full Version 1.1

Category: Games
Year: 1994
Description:Full version of Hocus Pocus game
Manufacturer: Apogee Software/Moonlite Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7700HOCUS.zip1.1 MB0xE0B61FE0

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On Monday January 3, 2022 trevor piuerce said:

Thank you

On Friday July 9, 2021 Mostafa said:

I really appreciate you.
When I wanted to download this file, I thought it's fake. But it's really real.
Thanks a million.

On Saturday June 27, 2020 shiki said:

it is full version

On Sunday May 17, 2020 lee hong kai said:

use dosbox to load it man

On Monday February 25, 2019 Moneycontrol said:

I am unable to run this game in 64 bit Windows 10. Any solutions?

On Sunday September 23, 2018 Jaaved Manejwala said:

I love this game!

On Saturday June 20, 2015 Torioranm said:

TY so much
Its work for me

On Thursday April 16, 2015 Tiago Feidman said:

Very thanks!!!

On Wednesday March 12, 2014 carolyne said:

I do not have dos how do you convert the dos game to windows


On Saturday March 8, 2014 fdsaadsf344 said:

this is really full ver. Of my favourate game.
Thanx a lot.
Please download.

On Friday March 22, 2013  said:

Works great in Boxer on my Mac. Thanks!

On Saturday February 16, 2013  said:

works great thanks guys!

On Wednesday November 14, 2012 Terminazer said:

Opened it up in DOSbox and started playing the last chapter (which is unavailable in the Shareware version).
Works great - reminiscing some great times from my childhood!

On Wednesday October 24, 2012 John Smith 123 said:

This is the real deal, it really is the full registered version of Hocus Pocus.

On Sunday October 23, 2011 bill mohr said:

games does not appear to be a fake is the full version