Hiew 6.86 6.86

Category: Utility
Year: 2004
Description:Basically HIEW (Hacker`s view) is a hex viewer for those who need change some bytes in the code (usually 7xh to 0EBh). Hiew is able to view unlimited length files in text/hex modes and in Pentium(R) Pro disassembler mode.
Manufacturer: Ken Semerovo
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13343Hiew_6.86.rar7.6 KB0x3BA55F95Fake?

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On Sunday February 5, 2017 dosprog said:

..In addition to previous message:
Now can remove this archive - uploaded full version Hiew 6.86, unlocked, but this archive also included too.
.. And mistake in archive header - "
Author:" string must be "Sen, Kemerovo".

On Sunday February 5, 2017 dosprog said:

This archive NOT A FAKE - its leaked original unlock-files for HIEW 6.86.
Only unlock files in this archive, then description at page header must be edited for adding this comment.

On Monday February 17, 2014 Pacale said:

The two links to hiew686.zip at the bottom of the readme file do not work any more. Just google for "hiew686.zip" (with the quotes for finer results), and you will be able to download it. Even the first result is working right now: download from www.findthatzip-file.com.