Harvard Presentation Graphics A.01

Category: Office
Year: 1986
Description:Harvard Graphics was a dominant software program used for visual graphic presentations prior to Microsoft Powerpoint.
Manufacturer: Software Publishing Corp.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3309Harvard Graphics 1.0.zip179.5 KB0x4CD4C517

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On Wednesday August 3, 2016 Uniblab9000 said:

This appears to be missing a utility disk. Also, version A.00 was actually the first, this is a minor revision that drops the copy protection.

On Sunday January 6, 2013  said:

Awesomeness! This does indeed appear to be the original 1986 version of Harvard Graphics!

On Thursday August 19, 2010  said:

Harvard Graphics is like a MSPowerPoint, but it is also quite glitchy (does not load). :\
Saves in .ct file format.
If there is a MSPowerPoint around...