Harvard Graphics 3.0

Category: Office
Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Bitstream Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4017Harvard Graphics 3.zip4.3 MB0x6B00307A

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On Sunday March 18, 2018 Americo Torres said:

program works fine!!, just copy all files inside same directory

On Tuesday March 18, 2014 Jerry Nelson said:

HG3 installer claims to need write privileges on the installation medium, so install from CDs no go, you need floppies. Installation will start from a hard drive with a **different letter** from the target for the install, but I cannot find a trick to get the installer to move on to the contents of the **SECOND DISKETTE** on the hard drive.
I confirm inconsequential corruption on Diskette 3 /GALLERY for file GALD451.CH3. "Press enter to skip and continue the install." Thanks for this, why is it Bitstream 5/91, not Software Publishing Corp, 6/92? Looks good, though.

On Saturday November 3, 2012 yazz211 said:

infinitas gracias por el programa

On Wednesday December 9, 2009 Sophira said:

I found the same as rafael; not fake, and has one corrupted file, but other than that it's just fine.

On Thursday October 15, 2009 rafael1193 said:

It has a corrupted file, but the program can be installated and executed without problems.

On Monday February 2, 2009  said:

I got a problem in the install. I doble Click the install.exe and give me a notice saying: "Invalid command line parameter"... could anyone help me? please!