HOWARD the FONT 3.61

Category: System
Year: 1989
Description:This package comprises a set of display font managers, font data files, display accelerators, and utility programs. The font managers provide an easy way to access the font capability of the VGA/MCGA and EGA. Each is designed to occupy the absolute minimum amount of space needed to support its target adapter. The HOWARD and NEIL font families have been created with display readability as the primary goal. FONTPAK offers a group of various display fonts which may also prove useful, while NLSFONTS represents the beginning of National Language Support (NLS). The VGAvideo display accelerator provides easily selectable DOS colors and support for any number of display rows while speeding up teletype output. VGAcolor is a windowing utility which allows you to choose colors quickly and easily. EGAvideo is similar to VGAvideo, but includes code to correct errors in the BIOS of the IBM EGA card. EGAcolor allows you to select colors for EGAvideo. EGMvideo and MDAvideo speed up display output in monochrome mode; the former should be used with an EGA and corrects some of that adapter's bugs. Both handle any number of rows. ClrScr will clear the screen correctly regardless of the number of display rows, and MOST is a superior replacement for the DOS MORE filter. WANDA loads the HOWARD8 font on a PC Convertible, while ShowFont may be used to display all the characters in a font. The VMODEx utilities provide a faster way to issue video mode sets. IBM Internal Use Only
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20229IBM HOWARD the FONT 3.61 (5.25-360k).zip53.3 KB0x9C2AB868

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