Category: System
Year: 1986
Description:IBM RAM disk program. Driver to utilize high or intermediate memory. ===> For PC, XT, AT: Can use memory in segments A000, C000, D000 and E000 optionally combined with memory below the 640K limit. Up to 512 kbytes of VDISK can be defined. Remaining high memory can be used for resident extensions through the COMmgr2 Communications Manager (COMMGR2 PACKAGE). ===> For PCjr: Can use all or part of memory above 160K for VDISK. Requires PCJRMEM.COM to be installed AFTER HIGHDISK. Up to 474 kbytes of VDISK can be defined. IBM Internal Use Only
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20228IBM Highdisk 0.85 (5.25-360k).zip9.5 KB0x6DA65258

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