HDD Repair Boot Disk

Category: System
Year: ????
Description:Bootable (DOS6.0) 1.44M floppy image with various tools for analyzing and repairing HDDs. Used this on a 486 Dauphin DTR-1, so it also includes a few small utilities for that system specifically, but most of the tools are general purpose. Includes: * DOS 6 format, fdisk, and sys * Spinrite (analysis & repair) * WDe Disk editor (text mode) * DE Disk Editor (graphical) * Wipe (wipe whole disk with zeros, cli) * KillDisk (wipe whole disk with zeros, text interface) * Ranish Partition Manager * Editpart (partition editor) * DFSee (partition editor) Extremely useful disk if you need to work on your MBR and/or FAT.
Manufacturer: Various
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22050diskutils.img.zip1.1 MB0xE57E3667

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On Tuesday August 4, 2020 Joe Lyman said:

To save space, most of the documentation for the included programs was removed. If you are uncertain how to use these types of utilities, you'll probably want to download each of the programs yourself and read the manuals. That being said, someone with the technical knowledge and sense to use these will do pretty well without the manuals for most things.