Gyula's Windows Navigator 1.28b

Category: Utility
Year: 2003
Description:A Norton Commander clone for the win32 platform - Parallel file operations (copy, search) - Built in txt, rtf, avi, picture viewer - Archiver handling - Multilanguage support - Customizable associations - Customizable look and feel Do you use Windows Explorer, access files and folders via My Computer or use a third-party software to browse and manage files on your computer? Whatever program you us, take a look at Gyula's Windows Navigator and maybe you'll stick to it from now on. Gyula's Windows Navigator is a Norton Commander-like file manager that has two panels for viewing the contents of your hard disks and removable media. Unlike Norton Commander, this program works directly in Windows without having to switch to full-screen DOS mode. It has a plain, easy-to-use interface, the usual file manager features and quite a few additional perks for those who choose this free software. For example, the program lets you create your own favorites so that you could access drives and folders at once. To help you distinguish files of certain types, Windows icons are kept and, in addition to this, you can specify different colors for different file types. It lets you pack and unpack archives, create file lists in plain text format and more. Download this free file manager today and check it out yourself. This is the last version of Gyula's Windows Navigator.
Manufacturer: Wanari
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

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