Graphic Workshop

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1993
Description:Graphic Workshop is a program for working with bitmapped graphic files. It will handle most of the popular formats.- View them. - Convert between any two formats (with a few restrictions). - Print them to any LaserJet Plus compatible or PostScript laser and most dot matrix printers. Graphic Workshop can print colour pictures to colour PostScript and inkjet printers. - Dither and threshold the colour ones to black and white. - Reverse them. - Rotate and flip them. - Scale them. - Reduce the number of colours in them and do colour dithering. - Sharpen, soften and otherwise wreak special effects on them. - Crop them down to smaller files - Create catalogs of a collection of images. - Adjust the brightness, contrast and colour balance of the colour ones. - Capture your screen to a PCX file in most of the popular VGA and super VGA text and graphic modes.
Manufacturer: Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

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