Grand Prix Circuit

Category: Games
Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Accolade
Localization: EN

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On Sunday December 30, 2012  said:

Contrarly to first impressions, it's a very addictive game that needs real precise piloting skills in order to break records! Good graphics for its age, but mediocre sound. One of the first and best games I have ever played.
Nelson, Portugal

On Tuesday September 23, 2008 chris elston said:

This game is great! Nice graphics for a old game. Very addicting.

On Wednesday March 7, 2007 guest (guest) said:

how to enable sound?

On Monday January 30, 2006 Justin (guest) said:

A fairly normal racing game, old graphics, Indy-500 style cars, tracks all around the world. One thing I found annoying was that it was kinda hard to steer properly.