GrafX2 2.00 Beta 96.5%

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1999
Description:This program is designed for drawing 256-color pictures in a huge range of resolutions (actually, there are 60 with some coming from the Amiga world). No one can contest that most of the beautiful GFX of the Scene were drawn on Amiga. But these GFX are in video resolutions that aren't the common PC modes. So we wanted to make the first paint program on PC that could visualize those pictures, and that could allow you, of course, to draw yours in the video mode that you want. This program was first shown at the Wired'96 where it met a big success (bigger than all our expects) so we hope you'll like it too. It's made up of many drawing tools, effects and menus. All the effects will work with any drawing tool. This software has been created for YOU, PC users who envy Amiga owners for their fantastic paint programs. This software doesn't pretend to replace the best programs on Amiga, but it modestly tries to fill the gap between PC and Amiga in the field of bitmap drawing. If you dream about a very useful option we haven't thought of yet, do not hesitate to tell us. If we also think it can be useful, and above all if it is possible to include it in the program :), then we'll implement it as soon as possible.
Manufacturer: GUILLAUME DORME (Robinson), KARL MARITAUD (X-Man)
Localization: EN

Files to download

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