FreeDOS Beta 9 RC3

Category: OS
Year: 2003
Manufacturer: Open Source
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4164[DOS Application] Open Source - FreeDOS Beta 9 RC3 - Installation CD.zip7.5 MB0xC2D8F28

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On Thursday October 5, 2017 Jaime Meza said:

It's an option to MS-DOS and It supports long file names and FAT 32. Recommended!!!

On Monday March 10, 2008 agrobel (guest) said:

To me, it likes a fake DOS based on a Linux/Unix like... But, I hadn't tested that properly yet.

On Wednesday December 19, 2007 yawnp0426 (guest) said:

I come from Taiwan.
I need some editors for DOS.

On Tuesday June 26, 2007 DOS user (guest) said:

Desperately obsolete :-( Please throw it away. There are newer versions available at project page: ||| ||| And YES, FreeDOS is a DOS. :-)

On Saturday March 31, 2007 Rocket (guest) said:

This is an open source remake of MS DOS.