Franklin PC-8000 ACE Diskette V1.11 V1.11

Category: Utility
Year: 1987
Description:Franklin PC-8000 DOS ACE (DOS utility shell program) that originally shipped with the Franklin PC-8000. It provides a simple menu interface for managing diskettes and running programs. This ZIP file contains all the files from the original disk for ease of use with DOSBox. This disk was originally bootable since the Franklin PC-8000 only came with two 360k 5.25" floppy drives. This was rescued from an original rare 5.25" 360k floppy
Manufacturer: Franklin Computer
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21973Franklin_PC-8000_ACE-DOS-shell.zip145.3 KB0x84544211Fake?

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On Monday April 8, 2024 Joe Lyman said:

Not a fake. To run, unpack and enter the PC-8000 folder. Run the "idos" command to get the ACE interface. This is a glorified menu-based DOS setup, which lets you run DOS commands from a menu rather than typing them. Not impressive, but a neat little piece of history.