Flight Simulator 1.05

Category: Games
Year: 1983
Description:Original Disc Image for IBM-PC
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6055Microsoft Flight Simulator v1.05 (198x)(Microsoft Corporation).zip52.8 KB0x9DA9BC4AFake?

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On Sunday March 25, 2018 Tra said:

this image is corrupt and is not working.
checked on several image software including winimage. All reported errors.

On Wednesday March 28, 2012 Chuck G said:

This is a 40 cylinder, single-sided, 8 sectors of 512 bytes image. I wrote a little program to put it onto a 5.25" floppy, but something such as rawwrite might also do the job.
This seems to require CGA. It would not run on VGA for me.

On Sunday April 4, 2010  said:

Which virtual floppy drive emulator can open this old floppy image?