Flex OS 9

Category: OS
Year: 1989
Description:Flex OS multitasking version 9 (aka. uniflex9) see readme
Manufacturer: TSC Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7931Flexos.rar437.6 KB0xEB6CD4AF

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On Thursday May 28, 2020 e n said:

If you want a reference design for a system capable of running this, you can start here: https://github.com/kees1948/Un​iFLEX

On Thursday May 28, 2020 e n said:

This is _NOT_ FlexOS9 but UniFLEX. Big difference. These are tape archive images (and missing indexes, although they can be recovered from the wayback machine) of an Unix v7 work-alike RTOS for _6809_ based computers. These archives are binaries, and not the source code. THIS IS NOT THE RELEASE for SWTPC or GMIX computers, and is ONLY the BASE O/S. There is no screen editor or compiler included.