FilterPro 1.1

Category: Other
Year: 1991
Description:FilterPro (TM) BURR-BROWN FILTER DESIGN PROGRAMS (c) Copyright 1991 Burr-Brown Corporation This disk contains three DOS-compatible programs to aid in active filter design. The programs are not Burr-Brown products, but application information intended to aid in using our components. All three are easy to use, incorporating helpful on-screen prompts. Just try them! FILTER1 aids in the design of unity-gain Sallen-Key low-pass filters. This program is foolproof and very easy to use, however the FILTER2 program has more flexibility. FILTER2 designs both Multiple-Feedback and Sallen-Key low-pass filters. It provides a number of enhancements over the popular FILTER1 program, including plotting, gain entry and sensitivity analysis. FILTER42 designs a wide variety of filters using Burr-Brown's UAF42 Universal Active Filter IC. Low-pass, High-pass, band-pass and notch filters can be designed.
Manufacturer: Burr-Brown Corporation
Localization: EN

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On Monday December 7, 2015 mayday5000 said:

Although low-pass filters are vital in modern electronics, their design and verification can be tedious and time-consuming. The FilterPro program aids in the design of low-pass filters implemented with the multiple feedback (MFB) and Sallen-Key topologies.
Once the FilterPro program is started, several parameters must be entered to design a low-pass filter.
The cutoff frequency, number of poles, filter type, and filter configuration are the main inputs. Because there are instances where the Sallen-Key filter
topology is a better choice, the user can specify either MFB or Sallen-Key topology.