Fast Graphs 1.1

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:Fast Graphs is a graphing/charting program that supports CGA graphics. It runs on an IBM PC or compatibles running DOS 1.1x or DOS 2.x. This release was part of a bundle included with Columbia Data Products computers, the first IBM PC hardware clone. This archive contains one 320k disk image in raw IMG, ImageDisk, Teledisk, and CopyIIPC+Snatchit format. There appears to be no copy protection. Note that this disk is formatted for DOS 1.1x, which WinImage does not support. Interestingly, this disk contains a version "1.17" of
Manufacturer: Innovative Software, Inc
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13372Fast Graphs 1.1 [CDP OEM] (5.25).7z253.9 KB0x1DA98A73

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