Category: Multimedia
Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Broderbund
Localization: EN

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#3754[DOS_Application]_Broderbund_-_Fantavision_-_Distribution_Disks.zip265.7 KB0x54C1EF1

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On Tuesday October 8, 2019 uwotm8 said:

Download URL:​cratchupload/​/ed2k%2F%5BDOS%20Application%5​D%20Broderbund%20-%20Fantavisi​on%20-%20Distribution%20Disks%​​
File size:
272111 bytes

On Tuesday October 8, 2019 uwotm8 said:

These aren't distribution disk images, it's an installed archive. It's the same file taken from a collection of low-quality distributions from a defunct website copied onto Internet Archive. Use with caution.

On Tuesday December 5, 2006 Carlos Daniel (guest) said:

Fantavision й uma interessante ferramenta de animaзгo vetorial, a animaзгo й feita por um mйtodo chamado "forзa bruta" onde vocк arrasta linhas e animaзгo й gerada.