Category: Multimedia
Year: 1997
Description:For 3D illustrations and animations -- from photorealistic to fantastic -- nothing beats the cutting-edge power and acclaimed ease-of-use of Ray Dream Studio. Its advanced animation features, powerful modeler and huge library of Dream Models make it the most complete 3D illustration and animation package you can get. Whether you're a graphics professional or budding digital artist, Ray Dream Studio will let you create awe-inspiring 3D illustrations, dramatic animations for multimedia, and exciting virtual reality environments and graphics for the World Wide Web. Designed for the creative individual, Ray Dream Studio opens a whole new world of 3D for artists who want to expand their capabilities to stay ahead in a competitive environment. Ray Dream Studio has everything you need to leap into 3D - Modeling and Scene Wizards, Dream Models, a B‚zier-based spline modeler, ray tracing rendering, 350 shaders and a shader editor to create your own shaders, unlimited lights and cameras, and more. Plus a unique integrated Perspective window view that allows you to be an artist instead of a CAD engineer! Ray Dream Studio also includes high-end features unheard of on the desktop - Inverse Kinematics, Geometry Buffers, Extensions for added capabilities like Boolean modeling, volumetric lighting and more! ³ System Requirements: ³ 486 or Pentium-based computer running Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT (Windows 95 recommended). Studio is a 32-bit native application. Minimum 12 MB RAM (16 MB or more recommended for optimized performance) - 20 MB hard drive space for program files, plus 20 MB free disk space.
Manufacturer: Fractal Design
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#19357FRACTAL DESIGN RAY DREAM V5.0.rar25.4 MB0x53B83A0E

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