F-19 Stealth Fighter v435.04 435.04

Category: Games
Year: 1989
Description:3.5" 720 KB original disk .img file ( DISK1, DISK2, CrackedDISK1 ) 4 MAP .jpg plus Keyboard overlay .jpg file. Changes for Version 4 --------------------- The promotion sequence has been corrected and now agrees with the manual. The lockup on certain clones, particularly Lazers, has been fixed. The divide overflow problem on certain clones/joystick cards has been fixed. Mobile SAMs are now treated as SAMs (as documented) and not as bunkers. A low altitude pull-up warning has been added to Realistic flight. Missions with carrier landings and takeoffs work. The autopilot problem associated with wide-angle views has been corrected. CGA cockpit color usage has been improved. The AdLib sound board is now supported. Tandy sounds have been improved. The Carlsbad bridge under the mountain has been fixed. The Alt-H control for the Pitch Ladder has been added.
Manufacturer: Microprose
Localization: EN

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#15531F-19_v435.04_720k.zip8.2 MB0xFE10D1E8Fake?

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On Friday December 17, 2021 Patrick Shaw said:

Thank You whoever uploaded this.
Your effort is appreciated;
This is the 4th version of the Original Game for DOS. Instead of DOSbox I boot my computer from a One Gig Flash Drive that acts as an MSDOS_7.1 Hard Disk. This game requires me to use Mo Slo and other tools to throttle my modern PC down to 486-25 clock speed (25mhz) but thanks to "noDRM" mod it then plays perfectly if PC speaker is selected.