Excel 5.0

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Spreadsheet. setup disks (12) or Install from HD
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: ES
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#8440Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk1.rar1000.3 KB0x9BBE8F72
#8449Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk10.rar1.1 MB0x93D8D8C7
#8450Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk11.rar1.1 MB0xA2EEBEBF
#8451Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk12.rar182.2 KB0x48660A9A
#8441Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk2.rar1.1 MB0x3F31C8FAFake?
#8442Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk3.rar1.1 MB0x64D3CEC1
#8443Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk4.rar1.2 MB0x28E9A7F3Fake?
#8444Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk5.rar1.1 MB0xEB58E4F8
#8445Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk6.rar1.1 MB0x9CB29786
#8446Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk7.rar1.1 MB0xB8A03C0E
#8447Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk8.rar1.1 MB0x2A723CB5
#8448Excel-5-0-SP-Win9x-disk9.rar1.1 MB0x2C928547

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On Friday May 15, 2020 PeterG said:

Disk 1 starts downloading, however it stops in the middle, plus it's in spanish

On Sunday December 28, 2014 proietto said:

somehow it doesn't find a file in disk 2 so i cannot finish the installation

On Sunday December 28, 2014 proietto said:

Sorry, i am responsible for reporting a fake of windows 5 disk 1. It was in spanish and i didn't download all the other disks.
Please excuse me you can again put it on the website.
Regards and thanks a lot.

On Monday January 6, 2014 HahnsPCs said:

A little heads up that it's the Spanish (as best I can tell) version would be good...

On Wednesday November 7, 2012 Cindy Wijaya said:

Thank you, awesomeee!

On Friday October 19, 2012 Potassium said:

I have been looking for it for too long!

On Saturday January 28, 2012 lrc65a said: